Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy has one of the most advanced platforms for managing all aspects of keyword both for website and market research, this keyword research tool is able to offer accurate traffic and insights into untouched keywords.

You can generate lists of relevant keywords for your marketing campaign here. Start your research below:


Find Available Domains

Jaaxy offers you the quickest and most powerful way to identify valuable domains; every search will reveal much high traffic and high-value domain, Jaaxy domain search is a brilliant feature for helping you identify high volume domains within short time like.com > .org > .net

Jaaxy will save you time on your research activities to beat the competition, you need a true keyword tool if you want to rank high and also give you the true competitive edge.

There are billions of keyword in today’s market, and millions of brand new keywords feature in Google every day, you need a keyword tool that is précised and strong to discover metrics, Jaaxy will do just that for you.

Keyword Data

Jaaxy is the most powerful and accurate research platform on the market, this software produces the keyword data you need in seconds, includes QSR, ranking and domain data, traffic, and competition, with the ability to perform up to five search functions.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, data are pulled directly within Jaaxy, these 3 search engines own more than 90% of all search traffic online.

Keyword Management

With all your keyword research management activities includes, share, export, save, and store, Jaaxy robust keyword research platform provides the most efficient and powerful keyword data you can leverage on for your marketing and content development.


Jaaxy has one of the most powerful research techniques; you can take any search phrase from this one search, you will have 100’s of winning keywords that you can use for your SEO.

With thousands of niches out, you need a research tool to help discover the relevant searches to be able to generate new niches ideas within seconds, and Jaaxy prides itself on that.


Jaaxy research tools provide you with the ability to access various features and allow you to brainstorm wonderful products and information available on the market today. Cutting edge technology within Jaaxy gives you abundant opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Alphabet Soup Technique

It is a keyword research technique, just like when you type any phrase into Google search it will automatically predict what you are looking for, which is based on the most common search term most recently.

The long-tail keywords that emerge from this search will be the ones that have recently been searching for most recently, this is done by simply type any phrase into the search engines, and it will automatically generate multiples of long-tail keywords.

The Alphabet Soup technique transforms all of this idea much further, which means the longer tail keywords you add, you get an ever-ending supply of keywords search for, all of these are made possible within Jaaxy research tools.

These techniques can also help to generate content ideas, especially when you are to write posts on your website on a weekly basis, as you know writing content can be so challenging for the newcomers.

When I started I was fortunate to have learned this technique here at Wealthy Affiliate, I actually used it to generate my niche which made my experience enjoyable and easy.

After you’ve have generated a list of relevant keywords of interest you can now type them into your keyword research tool of choice.

This time is Jaaxy; you can see how the keywords are calculated below:

 Average: This is the number of monthly searches on the exact term

Traffic: This is the amount of traffic that you get per month and you should target high volume.

QSR: This gives you the level of competition for that term, should be under 100

KQI: This is a keyword quality indicator; Green is good, Yellow is fine, and Red is bad.

SEO: The help to improve your online ranking, website traffic, and faster site speed.

The Alphabet Soup technique in Jaaxy does all the hard work for you, just type the keyword into the search engine and it will come up with different suggestions that you can choose from and isolate the one’s you don’t need.

This technique is very useful and saves lots of time; it can be used to research keyword terms separated for competition and traffic volume and can be used to generate content ideas and research.

I have been using this particular tool since I started my business and it has helped me to rank most of my keywords on google’s first page.

Jaaxy research keyword tool is very effective and simple to use, especially for new the comers, keyword research will play an important role to generate traffic if you are to start an internet business and a blog post. Therefore, having the right tools is very essential to the success of your business.

If you are rank high in the search engine this will give a great chance of people discovering you and your content.

When you start a website newly it is vital that you choose a keyword with a traffic average score of above 50 and a QSR competition of under 300, this will help to give you a better chance of ranking.

Sometimes it can be very difficult searching for keywords because the system is easy and fast, you end up with loads of keyword that you are not able to remember all of them.

There is a key feature within the system that allows you to save lists of related keywords of up to 50 at a time, and then you have multiple lists to choose from when creating your content.

Site Ranking

This is a powerful tool in Jaaxy that allows you to search for keywords; it will help you find where your current rank is in the Google search engine and also let you know how many changes to your position from the last time you checked. It is a great way for you to access your progress by tracking what you are doing at all times.

Jaaxy keyword research tool is comprehensively designed for keyword research and for creating content and the ability to work easily with Google search engine to track your position.

Jaaxy keyword research tool is all you need, even if you are a beginner you will find it very useful especially with the additional features, includes:

1. The Alphabet Soup technique, allows you to get creative and enhance your knowledge in brainstorming around the tools within Jaaxy.

2. There are training videos available to get you started which is very helpful

3. Jaaxy also offers 30 free keyword searches when you sign up, and when you finish exhausting your free search, you have the option to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise version.

4. The enterprise version works faster than the free plan and also reduces research time by over a half, whilst the Pro version is also very popular among others.

 Jaaxy Overview

Name Jaaxy!

Web: www.jaaxy.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Free starter, 30 free search’s, when you upgrade- $49/month- Enterprise, $99/month

Rank: 100%

Scam: 100% safe

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100


  • Jaaxy provides keyword research tools for entrepreneurs to make money from affiliate marketing and also provides affiliate program data that are relevant to the keyword you entered. This research tool is what you need to succeed online as it provides the information you need to get Google rankings.
  • Jaaxy research keyword tool is very easy and straight forward to use because it is an online application, even as a newbie you will find it friendly to use.
  • Jaaxy provides one of the most accurate keywords that your customers are searching for, in turn, you can use these keywords to generate traffic, Jaaxy knows how to find low competition keywords with high traffic for you to use.


  1. Some entrepreneurs may actually want the free 30 searches increased at no cost in order to save them money
  2. Some people are of the view that because the tool depends on Google US database, which is the widely used search engine, people have their doubt that if want to optimize outside of the United State, can Jaaxy provide you the right information.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy research keyword tool is for anyone who wants to succeed online; it is a simple yet powerful keyword tool with the ability to search for keywords without limits.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, if you want to be found online then the Jaaxy research tool is what you need both for the content creator and keyword research.

Jaaxy offers a free starter account with the option to upgrade; the starter account has 30 searches and the Pro version costs $49/month with unlimited searches.

There is also amazing support from the owner’s Kyle and Carson, Jaaxy is very simple to use and you can also find help page to help you navigate the Jaaxy.

Just to let you know that since I started to use Jaaxy, I can never find myself using other software, that is my opinion; it is an amazing tool for choosing keywords with the faster result to get you ranked in the search engine.

Overall, if you are looking forward to building lots of affiliates/niche sites, then you need a research tool to help you filter the best ones from hundreds of keyword using its different features.

It is nice to see a research keyword tool that allows you to gather keywords ideas and come up with the best keywords from your niche. You can sign up an account Click Here you will get the starter plan for 30 searches.

The starter plan allows you to test the quality of the tool in terms of how the keywords organized on the different metrics, to give you a better idea of your competition.

Especially with the Alphabet Soup technique help speed up the brainstorming process consuming less time, affiliate marketing will likely to succeed due to its ability to find profitable keywords.

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