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The Affiliate Marketing Primer in partnership with Wealthy Affiliate is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders that are progressive, with innovative education platforms to thrive to help point individuals choose the right paths to follow in their online business.


If you looking for a legitimate way to learn affiliate marketing online and how to build a website easy and fast wealthy affiliate is the best platform to realize that dream. Waiting to venture into such a business would require a range of ideas and preparations, this is exactly what wealthy affiliate represents.

To realize your dream of becoming an online entrepreneur it requires planning in order to bring your vision into success, to achieve this you need a platform with a unique strategy that is surrounded by digital experts with proven records to guide you to where you want to go, the wealthy affiliate has the most latest technology that always put them ahead of their competition.

With affiliate marketing, you can choose the best time to work and you don’t have to travel to the office you can work from the comfort of your home, all you do is wake up at your convenience open your laptop and get started.



As an affiliate marketer, you promote other people’s products through an affiliate network and start earning a commission, it’s definitely the easy path to take building your online business, this is based on two ways you can have products of your own, if not you can then promote products from others and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer.

If you do not have a niche there are no worries about that the unique training tools will help you to come up with one, becoming an online affiliate marketer involves lots of work and planning and can be very frustrating sometimes; you, therefore, need a platform with the right education and tools to achieve your dream.

Wealthy Affiliate is a leading affiliate marketing platform with unique products to help you kick starts your online business, with dedicated community support that focused on your success, affiliate marketing can be done easily and fast with a low-cost budget you don’t need to create your own product, save yourself time, energy, and cost.

As a beginner, the process is very simple, straightforward, and flexible, there are no affiliate program fees to worry about, you will be very surprised that in no distance time how your learning will build your confidence and in turn improve your marketing skills whereby you will be earning a steady flow of income.

The concept behind affiliate marketing, instead of the “rat race” to work all week for a few bucks, you could make money at any time and from anywhere, in recent years we’ve seen that online business has continued to grow massively people are no more inclined towards traditional marketing, therefore affiliate marketing has become more popular methods to drive sales and make more revenue online.

Affiliate marketing spending continues to increase globally year after year, and I believe that this is the right time to leverage the opportunities and to make a difference in society.

Our partner company Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest and leading industries with a state of the Art cutting edge technology and platform in the world, comprehensive education, great tools, and abundant opportunity. You can join now and start the journey to your greatness.

Our Pride

The affiliate marketing primer provides services includes education, mentorship, and community support with highly talented leaders in the digital space around the world, this company is uniquely structured with an abundance of resources and opportunities where individuals can realize their full potentials.

We offer a unique platform to help develop your skills to achieve your objectives to earn more revenue. The opportunity here is immense with a vested interest in your success; we are committed to effectively create memorable experiences through innovation.

Challenges and Opportunity


The global economy is already contracting due to “COVID 19” and things will continue to get worse over the next coming months putting thousands of jobs at risk. The environment as changing rapidly as the world struggles to contain a rapidly spreading pandemic; we are all affected in some way or the other by this disaster, the issue now is how we respond to the crises that would determine our future.

Here is the good news, the affiliate marketing primer together with digital expert partners from around the digital world are committed to helping you with the necessary tools to accelerate this transition to become an entrepreneur, so you can create opportunities and navigate risks embedded in our new reality.


Way Forward

Here we proud ourselves most importantly in innovation and growth, we develop potentials for entrepreneurs to help improve the economy and social outcomes. Our services and training consist of various components; includes the e-commerce industry and the affiliate programs through internet market-based. Here at TAMP, we have experienced leaders and coaches with many years of work experience in the digital industry; they are committed to the values and vision of a decade of hard work. You would be treated with compassion and dignity; you will be guided all through your journey to help point you to the right path for your success.

Our Vision

Here in The Affiliate Marketing Primer, we believe that everyone is talented and unique, our passion and desire are to help young entrepreneurs and individuals to discover and gain skills necessary for the digital economy to create internet business of their choice.

Let’s transform our world by choosing The Affiliate Marketing Primer.

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